About the Wishbone Project

Too many of us have been touched by cancer – whether it’s someone we know who has battled cancer or someone we love that has been lost.

I lost my mother in July 2010 after a very brief but brave battle with cancer. During her two month battle, my father and I cared for her at home, with the help of a fantastic team of compassionate palliative care doctors and nurses, as well as the wonderful staff at the Ottawa Hospital. Despite losing someone I loved dearly, it was a positive experience: I was amazed by my mother’s courage and the truly incredible medical staff who help people and families affected by cancer every day. Throughout these experiences, I couldn’t help but think that it was with the support network of physicians, nurses, social workers, friends, and family that we have gotten through it.

Less than a year later, my husband was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer. Once again, we were so fortunate to have been surrounded by talented medical staff to help us through this, and we celebrate every clean scan and appreciate his good health.

One of the first things my mom did when she found out that she was sick, was to write down her recipes. These were the meals we had enjoyed as a family and through the years at family gatherings and special occasions. These were the dishes that we would forever associate with her and be part of our memories of her.

Those recipes are what inspired The Wishbone Project.  This cookbook will be a collection of original, treasured family recipes – each one accompanied by a story. They will be stories about strength, bravery, hope, and love. They will be about those we have lost, those who have triumphed, and those who continue to fight.

All profits from book sales will go to cancer-related charities and organizations, and will help to support and celebrate the people who help us fight cancer every day. If you have a favourite charity or organization, I’d love to hear about it.